Project management

One of the main types of INNO-MIR activities is project management in the field of high-tech research. It includes:
  • creation and promotion of interdisciplinary projects in the field of natural sciences and projects in priority research areas;
  • system analysis and research to launch new scientific projects in priority research areas;
  • development and implementation of innovative models for the science, business and industry interaction;
  • implementation of our own exclusive training programmes on innovative activities and innovative culture.
Project management, aimed at bringing together experts from different fields of science and integrating best practices from a wide variety of directions, implies:
  • goal-setting (formation of the project plan, the initiation of the project or its next phase, development of the project concept etc.)
  • planning (planning of the subject field of the project, conducting system analysis, data collection, project structure, work and its relations definition, resource planning, work scheduling, contract and delivery planning etc.);
  • organisation (oganisation and coordination of the implementation of the project plan, formation of the project team, organisation of the project office, the distribution of information, placement of work, service, supply orders, conclusion of contracts and their support etc.);
  • motivation (creation of the system of motivation and incentives for all project participants);
  • interaction (assistance in building a constructive dialogue between representatives of different fields and areas of science);
  • control (presentation of reports on the progress of the project work, control of the subject field, deadlines, costs, measures to reduce risks, control of the project quality, monitoring of the contract implementation and project completion).