Who we are?

The Interregional Innovative Development Center (INNO-MIR LLC) was established in 2013. One of the main activities of the company is the organisation of scientific events.

INNO-MIR seeks to unite people and scientific communities with different life experience, core values and relevant priorities and makes them interact. Each of them is a cultural unit which is worthy of existence, respect and understanding, taking up a deserved place in the historical process of the dynamic development of society. Sometimes it is not easy to reach understanding between these units. The main barrier in this case is not territorial boundaries, but limited individual human experience. The main objective of INNO-MIR is to expand the experience of an individual, to build cultural bridges and areas of understanding.


Our team

The INNO-MIR employees are a qualified and experienced team, working under the guidance of graduates of the Physics Department of Saint Petersburg State University, who have devoted part of their lives to science and who know firsthand about its problems and needs. Therefore, we approach the solution of many issues from the point of view of the organising committee. 
Irina Zemliyanskaya


Irina is the main inspirer and creator of our company. She is a person with inexhaustible creative energy and an infinite number of ideas.

She combines a lively mind, a good heart, a computer memory and absolute decency.

Irina is proud that she has graduated from the Physics Department of Leningrad State University. She loves science. She LOVES and KNOW how to hold scientific events.

Elena Petrova

Behind a dazzling smile and natural charm a keen mind, attention to details and diplomacy lie.

Elena is an experienced leader with two university degrees. She loves learning and does not stop improving.

Sommelier, designer,1c specialist, expert in Spanish - this is all about her. She successfully applies all her knowledge and skills in the organisation of events.

Ekaterina Livshits

She is a super professional and the most rational element of our company.

Ekaterina is a linguist with knowledge of English and French. She keeps everything under the strict control. Thanks to her pedantry and attentiveness, possible errors can be avoided.

Her efficiency and multitasking are indispensable in the preparation of large international projects.

Anastasia Mintec

She has been working in the company since its foundation. She is pleased to write analytical articles as well as to conduct international meetings and presentations.

Thanks to her intuition and skills in three foreign languages, she can get out of force majeure situations and solve any problems with a smile.

She draws inspiration from communication with participants, because there is nothing better than positive feedback from satisfied customers.