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Lockdown is not for robots

Lockdown is not for robots

In our book, much attention is paid to the positive experience of implementing various innovative projects, and one of such successful examples is the Russian company Promobot, a manufacturer of autonomous service robots.

In 2020-2021, despite the pandemic and lockdowns, the company's activities are actively developing and promobots can already be found in 43 countries of the world, where they work as administrators, promoters, consultants, guides and concierges. Promobot robots can be found, for example, in Sberbank, the Museum of Modern History of Russia, MFC, Baltimore-Washington Airport, Dubai Mall.

One of the company's areas is robots for education. Promobot supplies its robots to schools and colleges in many Russian regions. Such robot teaches several disciplines at once and acts as a "live" laboratory stand at the lessons of additional education in service robotics. On the basis of promobot, students study programming, electronics and mechatronics.

Promobots successfully "work" in medical institutions as well. The diagnostic robot explains how to get to the right office, reminds you to wear a mask and gloves. It measures body temperature, blood pressure and pulse, blood oxygen saturation, blood sugar level and lung volume.

Also, one of the current developments is a robot for checking QR codes in restaurants and public places.

Not so long ago, the Promobot robot was acquired by the German security company Security Robotics (organization of security of public and private facilities) for patrolling, video surveillance of employees and visitors of facilities, measuring their body temperature and providing background information in English and German.

Today, Promobot has already developed a humanoid robot with hyperrealistic skin and movable arms with eight motors, capable of gesticulating and interacting with the audience. By 2035, it is planned to complete the creation of a fully humanoid walking robot. We wish you good luck to our Promobot!