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The latest achievements of the Russian "green" energy

The latest achievements of the Russian "green" energy

When we wrote about the successes in the field of "green" energy in Russia, we cited the example of the Orsk solar power plant in the Orenburg region and the manufacturer of solar modules, the Hevel Energy Group. Despite the fact that the portion of such energy in our country is still very low, we cannot but rejoice at the new achievements of Russian specialists in this industry.

In October 2021, the photovoltaic facade system of Hevel Group was recognized as the best innovative development at the 100+ AWARDS. This is the first similar domestic system for cladding buildings with the function of generating electricity, which has received a technical certificate from the Ministry of Construction of Russia. The advantages of using a facade solar system is to reduce energy costs, reduce dependence on tariff growth.

The use of solar panels is also used in the project of creating robotic complexes, it increases the autonomy of the devices and expands the possibilities for using additional payload in each version. St. Petersburg State Maritime Technical University and JSC "Okeanos" have developed and presented at the exhibition "Neva-2021" the so-called gliders - robotic complexes for oceanological, hydrophysical, meteorological and environmental research and monitoring. They, like self-propelled buoys, are able to explore the depths and transmit information to coastal control centers.

Among the projects launched for the first time, but specifically in the Arctic zone of Russia, is the construction of solar power plants in two remote settlements, which will ensure reliable, high-quality and uninterrupted power supply there.

2 solar power plants with a total capacity of 40 MW will be launched in the Orenburg Region by the end of 2021. Thus, the total capacity of local solar power plants will reach a whopping 370 MW.