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Continuity as one of the main principles of the coalescence of RSF and RFBR

Continuity as one of the main principles of the coalescence of RSF and RFBR

The reorganization of the RFBR and its coalescence with the RSF is a resonant event, which was presented in the chapter on Russia of the book "Features of the National Innovation Culture". At the time of publication, there were fears in the scientific community that in the absence of healthy competition between foundations and as a monopolist, the Russian Science Foundation would increase the degree of control of scientific research. The Russian Academy of Sciences, in turn, insisted on maintaining the RFBR competitions.

Today, as the Minister of Science and Higher Education Valery Falkov notes, one of the main principles of the association of the RSF and the RFBR is the continuity and use of the "best practices" of the work of the two foundations: "The amount of grant funds allocated to scientists after the coalescence of the RFBR and the Russian Science Foundation will not decrease. Moreover, the RSF will multiply the work that the Russian Foundation for Basic Research has carried out in the regions. All these issues were discussed in detail with the heads of both funds". 

The head of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia also stressed that the RFBR will fully fulfill the commitments already made to financially support existing projects, including their monitoring and expertise, as well as ensure the continuity of grant support.

In April 2021, the RSF announced the start of accepting applications for new competitions approved as part of the optimization of development institutions. More than 3 billion rubles have been allocated in the Fund's budget for the implementation of projects of these competitions in 2022.