XVII Interstate Conference «Thermoelectrics and Their Applications-2021» (ISCTA 2021)

September 13-16, 2021
Organizer - Ioffe Institute
Venue: Original Sokos Hotel Olympia Garden (3A Bataisky Pereulok, St. Petersburg)

The Conference is the 17th in the series of Interstate conferences on Thermoelectrics and their Applications that provides an international forum for presentations and information exchange on the thermoelectric materials science and thermoelectric energy conversion technology. The ISCTA 2021 was attended by 130 participants, 50 oral and 52 poster presentations were presented. The young scientist section was also held within the Conference. The best presentations by young researchers were given special awards.

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VI International Workshop Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction and Exotic Spin Structures

September 6-10, 2021
Organizer - NRC «Kurchatov Institute» - PNPI
Venue: “Severnaya Korona” Hotel (2 Sbornaya str., Vyborg, Leningrad Region) // HYBRID

The VI International Meeting DMI-2021 has been devoted to Sergey Maleyev and his scientific activities and research in the field of chiral magnetism using polarized neutrons. The DMI is a platform for scientific discussion and exchange of ideas among the scientists willing to share their research findings as well as to review and discuss the recent progress, developments and advances in DMI and chiral magnetism.

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International Conference PhysicA.SPb/2021

October 18-22, 2021
Organizer - Ioffe Institute
Venue: Sputnik Hotel, 36 Toreza Pr., St. Petersburg, Russia

International Physics Conference Saint Petersburg has been held in St. Petersburg since the mid-90s. In recent years, the Conference gathers about 300-400 participants from various regions of Russia, near and far abroad. It is traditionally attended by scientists of higher educational institutions and scientific organizations, as well as students and postgraduates conducting research in various fields of physics and astronomy.

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International Student Conference Science and Progress 2021

November 9-11, 2021
Organizers - G-RISC, DAAD, Saint Petersburg State University, FU Berlin

The aim of this conference is development of deep collaboration between students and young researchers from Russia and Germany and raising the level of the student scientific investigations by intense discussion between young researchers and outstanding scientists from both countries with presentation of keynote lectures by professors from Russia and Germany in the cutting-edge fields of science.

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November 27-28, 2021
Organizers - Saint Petersburg State University, Ariel University (Israel)
Venue: Saint Petersburg State University and ONLINE

The goal of the First Congress was to provide an opportunity to gain the latest knowledge about autoimmunity, COVID-19 coronavirus infection and Post-COVID syndrome to specialists in various fields. For two days, leading experts from all over the world and from Russia made their presentations.

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